So, I guess my first post became at least partly a rant about my painting score, not really what I meant it to be, so let’s move on to what I really care about:  Tactics. For reference, my full list that I brought can be found here:  Draigo and Stormraven List.   First, some general thoughts:

  • People targeted the Land Raider Redeemer much more aggressively than I was expecting.  I thought they would be going after Stormraven first in all cases, since it was faster, more fragile, and had a much more nasty payload.  Maybe people didn’t realize just how nasty that payload (Draigo, Paladins w/ psycannons and a BroBanner, and a dreadnought) really was?  Didn’t seem like it, though.
  • The converse of this has to be that I was using the Stormraven too conservatively.  I was always turbo boosting it, but often up the side.  I probably should have sent it right up the middle, since I had designed the paladins and dread to be able to fight well if it crashed and left them center of board.  In the end, I probably just need more practice with this list.
  • Draigo and the Paladins, were the absolute MVPs, they performed fantastically.  Of course, they have to be, they cost like 625 combined.  Still, they were just awesome to behold, and were durable as all hell.  I think I lost a paladins twice to Str 8 Instant Death, but by and large Draigo did manage to keep them safe.  Even though they often had a lot of ground to cover, they made it across open terrain, and just bashed the enemies face in.  Game 1, all else was lost, they straight up ekked out a win for me.  Game 2, I lost, but Draigo, by himself, came so close to making it a tie.  Game 4, Draigo happily fought basically her entire demon army.  Nearly died, and all the paladins did, but he pulled through.  Very thematically appropriate.  I didn’t actually get to use their psycannons as much as I hoped, I wonder if I should re-balance things between them and the terminators, weapon load-out wise.
  • GKT underperformed, a little, mostly because they got their Redeemer shot out from under them.  But, that meant their lack of a psycannon was painful.  I had meant the paladins to get shot down far from the battle line, not them.
  • Yeah, kinda like I thought, I really wish the psycannon dread in the Stormraven was a venerable dreadnought.  He performed OK, he was in a lot tough situations, often contributed, but the durability would have been super, super useful.  He almost always did die, eventually, at least twice got knocked on his butt almost immediately.  I would say from experience a venerable dread is something like twice as durable, and BS 5 never hurts.  Problem is, I just cannot see how to fit the extra 50 (it’s 60, but I’d ditch the heavy flamer, too) in this list.
  • My Grey Knight Strike Squad was kinda “meh.”  I suppose that was to be expected, they were the average guys in an other wise all-star list.
  • Psyfleman worked great, did what I wanted, though I guess he was never really needed; the first time I fought rhinos, he got knocked on his ass before he had a chance to fire, the second time, his fire output was just gravy on an otherwise slaughter fest.
  • I had some heavy metal in there–an LR, SR, rhino, 2 dreads, and all those termie models, but apparently target priority was too clear for my enemy.  I could use with more, or harder, targets.  Which leaves us right back the dual LR list, unfortunately, because I don’t know how to fit more metal into this current list.
Review of the list by item:
  • Draigo:   A+ Awesome in all ways, was always the saving grace.
  • Paladins:  A.  Performed great, survived well, provided great support for Draigo to do his stuff.
  • Brotherhood Banner:   A+, yes, even in 5 (6) model squad.  Was worth it for adding extra attacks to Draigo alone.  I’m sure it’s ability to automatically pass Force Weapon Tests meant I won that first game, it would have been dicey (literally) without it.
    1. 2 Master-crafted Psycannons:  B-.  They were useful, not sure they were game changing.  Helped evaporate a demon prince, but I would have been just as happy charging that.  Probably didn’t need to be master-crafted, very likely would have been happier having 1 of them in the GKT squad.  Never wiped out a key vehicle or anything that would have affected my other actions, though they did help get rid of bubble wrap termigaunts.  However, Holocaust and Draigo’s flamer thingie coulda done that just as well.
    2. Stormraven:  A-.  Wicked useful, loved the mindstrike missiles, even though they performed sub-optimally.  Strangely didn’t find the dual anti-tank weapons as useful as I thought they’d be, but I’m pretty sure that was circumstantial.
  • Psycannon assaulty Dreadnought:   B.  I thought I would be absolutely in love with the idea of throwing a psychic dreadnought in the enemies face.  I still am– Just not this dreadnought.  He needs to be tougher, at the moment he was very second fiddle to Draigo’s nastyness, and in comparison to Draigo and the Paladins, made an easy target.  Maybe that survived.
  • Psyflemen Dreadnought:  B+  Was usually very useful, but where I needed him, he died right away, even with cover.  Might have been situational.
  • Grey Knight Terminators:  C  Always a solid presence, but when their ride got shot out, they were just there, very ineffective.   They needed a psycannon, I guess.
  • Land Raider Redeemer:  C  It wasn’t the redeemers fault, it was mine.  I just thought people would go after the juicier target of the Stormraven.  I seemed to have been mostly wrong, but it may very well have come down to how they were used.
  • Grey Knight Strike Squad, and Rhino.  C:  I probably didn’t engage them enough with the enemy, though I did get better at this as the day went on.  At least once, I screwed up with them pretty bad, got them killed early.

  2 Responses to “Lord Kaldor Draigo saved my butt at Boston Brawlcon: A tactical overview.”

  1. very nice list!

    have you considered minimizing the GKSS and having a libby with the summoning? with the SR you could get in the enemies face quick and use the summoning to deepstrike the landraider full of fun right next to the enemy and assault out of it?

    the only problem with that would be that the raven would be foucused on, BUT the summoning could be usful and flexible if EVERYTHING has warp armour?


    • Right, so that's not an awful idea, and the thought of similar things certainly occurred to me, but I don't think it works out for a couple reasons.

      1) I really feel GKSS work MUCH better at full strength; you can get the second psycannon, and it makes psybolts a lot more cost efficient, and psybolts are awesome. The option to combat squad is also good.

      2) Yeah, it's too many eggs in one basket with the Stormraven, absolutely. That was already a concern I had with the list already, though as I mentioned, I seem to still be playing too cautiously with it, and the LR gets shot up more.

      3) The summoning that you are thinking about doesn't really get you anything, here's why: Summoning has to be cast at the beginning of the movement phase, right? So, Turn 1 you turbo boost forward 24". Beginning of Turn 2, you summon forward the LR, to you current position. The LR could've covered 24" in those 2 turns all on it's own, and the GKT inside could've charged to boot. Now, you can play a funny game, and summon the LR in front of the Stormraven, with the just butt end of the Land Raider within 6" of it. I don't recall how long a LR is off hand, but let's say it's 9", that'll get 9+6=15 inches deeper than you could've been already. Which in many scenarios is right smack on the enemy (remember mishaps!). That could actually be useful, but I'm thinking only sometimes, and it's an expensive play that has a non-removable mishap risk. Keep in mind LRs can very often get second turn charges, the Stormraven will almost always be able to do that if it's not shot down, best we get here is a 3rd turn charge, though we certainly are covering a lot of ground, say for a spearhead deployment.

      4) I can't really see using Draigo, or even a regular GM, and a librarian. Just too many points locked up in models that are supposed to be force-multipliers, not enough of a force left to multiply! I think using more than 1 HQ (bare-bones Inquisitors don't count, but a loaded up one would.) is one of the big mistakes internet list spinners are making today.

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